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How Stress Is Affecting Your Body

What is stress?

Stress is a primarily a physical response to something out of the norm. There are three types of stress: physical, chemical, and emotional. Physical stress can range from every day sitting in the same position to an injury or strain. Chemical stress is defined as an imbalance of chemicals in your body. This can include internal chemicals affected by medication, diet, smoking, or alcohol and external chemicals which could include toxic chemicals from cleaning products and pollution. Finally, emotional stress which can be considered a “norm” in the every day life. Work, school, family, and relationships can cause emotional stress.

How it affects your body and wellbeing?

When your body feels stress, it releases hormones that increase your heart and breathing rates. If this is an everyday response of your body, the levels of stress are elevated for an abnormal amount of time affecting your overall wellbeing. High levels of constant stress can affect the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, central nervous system, reproductive, immune and endocrine systems… basically your whole body. Stress affects your mood and behaviors, such as anxiety, depression, and overeating or drug and alcohol abuse. These behaviors are a domino effect and will eventually affect the relationships around you, either colleagues, family, or significant others.

How to manage it?

Managing stress does not necessarily take a huge chunk of time from your day. Managing immediate stress can be counting to 10 and taking deep breaths or even drinking some water to avoid outbursts. A physical activity, in the morning or afternoon added to your daily routine can also help. A few of these activities can include yoga, meditation, exercise or taking your dog for a walk. For more strenuous stress you may have, getting a massage or acupuncture treatment can help release stress. Check out our membership package on massages and acupuncture! Our office offers Swedish massage, deep tissue, prenatal, and even Hot Stone massage. Other traditional services offered include physiotherapy and acupuncture. For Chiropractic Care, Dr. Ashtiani treats neuromusculoskeletal complaints, myofascial therapy, pediatrics and prenatal. Essence offers rehabilitation, corrective exercises, and nutritional support. Lastly, our office has myofascial therapy available, such as Rock/Kinesio taping, game ready, and Graston Technique. These treatments are a way to manage physical, emotional, and chemical stress your body may be having.

April is stress awareness month and Essence Chiropractic & Wellness can help you destress. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (210) 926-5766!

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